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Weatherstone Academy

6th - 9th Grade Hybrid Program
Tuesday & Thursday, 8:45 - 2:45+
Optional Friday Learning Lab, 8:45 - 2:45

+ A La Carte High School Courses

Core Academics * Stress-Reduced Setting * 1:6 Ratio * Dyslexia Support Available

Per Georgia Law, Weatherstone Academy falls under the scope of the Learning Pod Protection Act (SB246).


Learn more about our admisions process. 

Tour * Apply * Enroll!

Email for information.

In-person tours resume July 31, 2024.

5% discount for payment in full; installment plans available!

Check out our school calendar here. We closely align to the FCS calendar.

Ready to apply? Click the link to start your journey with Weatherstone!


Learn more about our admisions process. 

Tour * Apply * Enroll!

Email for information.

In-person tours resume July 31, 2024.

5% discount for payment in full; installment plans available!


Check out our school calendar here. We closely align to the FCS calendar.

Ready to apply? Click the link to start your journey with Weatherstone!

A La Carte Classes & Services

A la carte classes and services are hosted by independent instructors who are part the EdV Instructional Studios partner network. Most courses are hosted at our Weatherstone Academy location in Woodstock or at EdVentures in Roswell, GA.

6th - 9th Grade

Our Model

Hybrid Schedule (T/TH + Optional Friday)
Small Classes of 4 - 6 Learners
Large Group Socialization Activities
Non-Sectarian/Neutral Curriculum

Stress-Reduced, Student-First Environment
Dedicated to a Culture of Respect & Kindness

Accredited Diploma (Est. by Spring 2026)


Engaging Instruction in the Core Subjects:
English, Math, Science, Social Studies +
Family & Consumer Sciences!

Highly Qualified Teachers
Two Days of Home Study Curriculum Provided 
​Engaging, Relevant, Active Learning

Built-in Supports for Dyslexia/Dysgraphia
Dyslexia Remediation Available


Astute, Academically Engaged
Creative, Curious, Critical Thinkers

Neurotypical and/or Mild Learning Challenges
Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Anxiety

Student Life

Social Opportunities
Student Council
Student-led Clubs
Community Service
Enrichment Classes
Field Trips, Outings, and Student Socials

Annual Kids' Business Bonanza

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle


Welcome to Weatherstone Academy, where we're reshaping the middle and high school journey. Our mission is simple: to offer tailored education to astute students who want a learning experience as distinctive as they are.

At Weatherstone Academy, we understand that every student is unique, and we are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Our commitment to student success extends beyond traditional teaching methods, as we offer small class sizes (1:6) and adaptive programming to ensure that each student can reach their full potential. Whether your child requires added academic challenge or specialized accommodations to support their dyslexia, our program offers a diverse range of tools customized to empower their specific needs.  

Conveniently located off the 92 on the west end of Woodstock GA, Weatherstone Academy is easily accessible for families in the area. Join us and discover a school where academic excellence and inclusivity go hand in hand.

Individually-Tailored Education

At Weatherstone Academy, we've designed a unique educational approach that tailors educational options to each student by combining engaging instruction in core academic subjects with flexible scheduling, individualized programming, and access to enrichment, elective, and social classes.


To accommodate diverse learning needs and interests, students enrolled in the academy have the flexibility to customize their educational journey. They can seamlessly integrate Weatherstone classes with approved a la carte courses in our studios or courses taken off-site to tailor their academic experience and create a personalized transcript that reflects their unique interests and aspirations.

Students enjoy access to abundant social opportunities. From lunchtime gatherings to student-led clubs and exciting field trips, our students benefit from a vibrant group of community-minded students. At Weatherstone Academy, we believe in fostering both academic excellence and social growth, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for every student.

*Accreditation expected by spring 2026

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” - Plutarch


Flexible Enrollment Options

To maximize educational flexibility, our programs, courses, and classes are open to the community and families can select from the following "enrollment status" options to align to their educational goals, schedule, and budget.


Academy Students include students in middle school, along with high schoolers seeking a quality, full-scope education, without the pressure of grades or end-of-course evaluations. High school students who complete all required high school units are eligible for a Weatherstone diploma.


Academy+ Students are students dedicated to earning graded coursework and required credits that contribute to an official, college-ready [*accredited] transcript and diploma. Courses taken through Weatherstone Academy, or our studio network, can be recorded on your official transcript upon successful successful submission of required portfolio documents and the end-of-course evaluation. Additionally, students can seek approval for programs or courses taken outside our studio or at home, provided they meet our credit acquisition standards. It’s our pleasure to provide a diploma and letters of recommendation to support your post-high school aspirations!


*Accreditation is expected by spring 2026 through the Georgia Accreditation Commission


Associate Students are individuals who participate in any of our programs or courses without the intention of pursuing a diploma through Weatherstone. Students will receive an Academic Record of courses taken with us to apply to their homeschool transcript. Homeschool transcript services are available.

Programs, Courses, Classes...OH MY!

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive academic experience, or simply a few courses, classes, or clubs to fill in academic or social opportunities in your own homeschool curriculum, we have a selection of options that just may be what you are looking for! But first, let's explore the vernacular of Weatherstone's offerings:

Hybrid Programs: Annual, 2 - 3 Days Per Week

Our hybrid programs typically offer 2 - 3 days of instruction in the core subjects, followed by 2 days of appropriately-leveled home study curriculum. Diploma-seeking high schoolers will be guided through the process of selecting appropriate electives to complete their graduation-ready transcript. In addition to engaging, hands-on academics, students enjoy access to abundant social opportunities. From mid-morning breaks and lunchtime gatherings to our afternoon enrichment  block, students enjoy a rich network of friends. 

Courses: Semi-Annual/Annual; 1+ Hours Per Week

Weatherstone Academy offers a select number of interesting and engaging a la carte courses. These credit-worthy courses are generally variations of core subjects or electives that are not offered on hybrid days.

Classes: Single Day to Multiple Weeks

Classes are generally interest-based opportunities and contribute to your student's academic, emotional, or social benefit. Classes can range from a single day to multiple weeks! An example of a class is an 8-week class in first aid.


Clubs are special-interest opportunities for students to congregate and enjoy a hobby or interest together and are designed to boost social health and emotional wellness through connectivity and social support. Clubs are offered to all students enrolled in Weatherstone Programs or Studio classes. 


Contact Us

We're here to answer any questions you may have.

Reach out to us and we'll respond within 24 hours on business days.

1005 Weatherstone Parkway, Suite 220
Woodstock, GA 30118

Tel: 470-999-4303

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