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Middle School / Jr. High

The adolescent years are a time of tremendous academic growth. It is during this age that many students seem to find their footing and develop a sense of academic independence. This is also a time where students are fiercely trying to discover who they are, discovering how they can make their mark on the world, and gaining a keen awareness of their academic and social strengths and challenges. All the while, they are also managing physiological and hormonal changes (hellooooo big emotions!). Our program provides a safe space for students to traverse these years in a kind, respectful, supportive, and learner-centered environment where each person is treated as a person of value.

High School

Academics & Social Culture

 Weatherstone Academy offers dynamic, standards-based instruction in the core subjects such as Mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, and Social Studies.


Our courses are geared to ambitious and aspiring students who enjoy a rich and productive learning environment. While geared to neurotypical students, we are committed to providing built-in learning supports that not only assist, but empower, students with specific learning challenges such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. While our content is rigorous, our delivery is relaxed and enjoyable. We curate our curriculum using a variety of resources that best meet the needs of our unique students, while also aligning to a hybrid schedule. Our hands-on curriculum is designed to foster academic excellence and critical thinking skills in our students. 

Students also have access to a strong social culture, which includes enrichment and electives through the Community Learning Consortium, Student Council, student-led clubs, field trips, socials, and more!

Personalized Path to Graduation

We assist our students in formulating their personalized path to graduation. Our program currently provides instruction in the core courses. Each course is designed to meet state standards and will serve as the building blocks to constructing your child's college-ready academic transcript. Students can then tailor the remaining courses to meet their individual goals and aspirations. As the anchor program for the Community Learning Consortium, students will have in-house access to a variety of approved credit-level courses and electives. They may also step outside our doors to seek interest-based high-school credits that may, upon approval, be applied to their Weatherstone transcript. Once accredited (expected date is Spring 2026), we will also assist with Dual Enrollment applications and funding, HOPE/Zell Scholarship funding, and more.

Students not interested in receiving course grades or an academic transcript may do so as an audit student.

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