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Middle School / Jr. High Overview

The adolescent years are a time of tremendous academic growth. It is during this age that many students seem to find their footing and develop a sense of academic independence. This is also a time where students are fiercely trying to discover who they are, discovering how they can make their mark on the world, and gaining a keen awareness of their academic and social strengths and challenges. All the while, they are also managing physiological and hormonal changes (hellooooo big emotions!). Our program provides a safe space for students to traverse these years in a kind, respectful, supportive, and learner-centered environment where each person is treated as a person of value.
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Middle School Hybrid (6th - 8th)

Curriculum & Academics

In our learning environment, students thrive amidst a rich and productive atmosphere, where we actively cultivate a culture of kindness and respect. Here, we hold each student's social and emotional well-being in the same high regard as their academic achievements.


 Weatherstone Academy offers dynamic, standards-based instruction in core subjects such as Mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, and Social Studies. Our hands-on curriculum is designed to foster academic excellence and critical thinking skills in our students. We are dedicated to nurturing the academic stamina of middle school students while delivering grade-level content in every class, while still maintaining the relaxed, stress-reduced atmosphere offered within our environment.. Our goal is to tailor the learning experience to each student's personal challenge point, ensuring they receive a robust and fulfilling academic journey.   While we hope that students will choose to remain at Weatherstone throughout their high school years, our middle school curriculum equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel wherever they go.

Socialization, Enrichment, and Electives

Students enrolled in our program enjoy a rich array of social experiences. On-campus days provide students with opportunities during lunch to socialize and build friendships, while our afternoon enrichment block allows time for student-led clubs, interest-based learning, and more. As the anchor program for the Community Learning Consortium, our students have access to an array of electives, enrichment classes, and social opportunities such as field trips, outings, special events, and more!

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