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Weatherstone Academy is seeking accreditation for the 2025 - 2026 school year. In addition to validating our commitment to providing quality education to our students, accreditation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • An accredited transcript and diploma

  • Immediate access to HOPE/Zell Funds (for qualified students)

  • Dual Enrollment Assistance

  • Easier access to rigor courses in Dual Enrollment

  • Easier access to international universities

Operational Plan

DOE Requirements

All families must comply with GA homeschool and DOE requirements. As a non-traditional education center, our families are required to register as homeschoolers. 

Instructional Accountability

Weatherstone Academy maintains instructional accountability for all students enrolled. Academic records will be kept on file for no less than 7 years. Transcripts will be stored indefinitely.

End of Course Evaluations

All courses applied to the Weatherstone transcript must be validated by an end of year evaluation or test. Courses taken at Weatherstone Academy include a student-appropriate year-end evaluation of content that will be scored and recorded. 





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