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Learning Support

We welcome students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, and mild learning challenges. Our hybrid programs offer a balance of in-class tools, supports, and accommodations. We also provide opportunities for remediation to those who need additional support.

Supportive Curriculum

Empowering Students to Succeed

At Weatherstone, we believe in providing the necessary tools, skills, and strategies to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed academically and beyond. 

Dyslexia-Friendly Curriculum

By nature, our curriculum is dyslexia-friendly. Our foundational level ELA course, along with our daily 'nuggets' for all levels, provides explicit instruction in spelling, morphology, vocabulary, language structure, literary structure, comprehension, and fluency using top-ranked, evidence-based programs. For all other subjects, we use a wide variety of approaches to relay subject-matter content, including direct instruction, multi-media presentations, videos, audio, multi-sensory/hands-on learning activities, and more. When possible, we select visually pleasing workbooks that are colorful, well-spaced, and easier to read than more text-heavy options. In addition, we try to select curriculum options that are available in print and also web-based so students can use online tools to help access content independently. 


Trained Teachers


ELA teachers are trained in the Orton Gillingham approach and have direct experience and/or training in language-based learning disorders. Core subject teachers outside of ELA are trained to support students with learning challenges and they are happy to offer tools that allow students to access and engage with their curriculum more effectively.


Support & Accommodations


Students are expected to work to their personal challenge point. Challenges help students build deep roots, independence, and working stamina. That said, individual supports and accommodations are the standard, not the exception, for those who need them. Learning supports are not excuses to work less diligently; rather, they are empowerments that can be applied through hard work to thrive and succeed. We empower students to recognize their personal strengths and challenges, determine which tools and supports they need in each class, and then work with the teachers and administration to create the most robust learning experience possible.



Reading intervention using the Orton Gillingham approach is available as an add-on to our hybrid program on satellite days. Depending on the needs of our students, sessions may be offered as small group courses or private tutoring. Remediation will be individualized, but will include more intensive study using the following strategies and curriculum:

  • Orton Gillingham based instruction for improving decoding and encoding skills (UFLI)

  • Vocabulary, Morphology, Fluency (Neuhaus Academy)

  • Comprehension (Lindamood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing)

Studying at Home
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